Pictures of children & grand-children

  The three Rochefort sons at the wedding of Benjamin (July 2005, in Bréchamps) (from left to right : David, Nicolas and Benjamin, in the middle, Judith with her father)
   Webmaster Philippe Rochefort (2005).
Harriet Welty Rochefort in a French café (2003)
    This is a picture of Judith Rochefort, born in Marseille Sept.19, 2001 to Katia and Nicolas. Isn't she pretty ? Click here for her ancestors on the Rochefort side !
   And now super-baby Alexandre, born in Montreal Nov.20, 2006 to Benjamin and Gweanëlle
  Super-lively Hadrien Rochefort, born January 31, 2006 to Nicolas and Katia
Super-pretty Hannah, born February 27, 2010 to David and Rachel
Dainty Juliette, born  in Montreal Aug.7, 2010, to Benjamin and Gwenaëlle (she is the one on the left...).
Already pretty Elsa, born March 10, 2014 in Saint-Cloud to David and Rachel.

Only two and a half months and already highly communicative! Meet Rebecca, born in Marseille Jan.16, 2021.


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